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“Polypi mentem obtine” – Erasmus

Book ^

Maximilian Schich, Rezeption und Tradierung als Komplexes Netzwerk. Der CENSUS und visuelle Dokumente zu den Thermen in Rom. Munich: Biering & Brinkmann, 2009. 340 pp., 225+570 figs., 8 pl., 25 maps. ISBN: 978-3-930609-56-7
Open access:

Articles ^

M. Schich: Figuring out Art History. Int. Journal for Digital Art History 2 (2016)
Open access URL: (October 22, 2015)

D. Goldfarb, D. Merkl, M. Schich:
Quantifying Cultural Histories via Person Networks in Wikipedia. arXiv preprint arXiv:1506.06580 (June 22, 2015)
Open access URL:

D. Park, A. Bae, M. Schich, J. Park:
Topology and Evolution of the Network of Western Classical Composers
. EPJ Data Science 4,2 (2015)
Open access URL:”Highly Accessed” (+20.000)
Altmetric score 110 (#4 in EPJ Data Science): (January 14, 2016)

M. Schich, C. Song, Y.-Y. Ahn, A. Mirsky, M. Martino, A.-L. Barabási, D. Helbing:
A Network Framework of Cultural History. Science 345,6196 (2014) 558-562.
DOI: access: +200 press items in 28 countries see below
Altmetric score 511 (higher than 99% of all articles in Science Magazine): (January 14, 2016)

N. Blumm, G. Ghoshal, Z. Forró, M. Schich, G. Bianconi, J.-Ph. Bouchaud, A.-L. Barabási:
Dynamics of Ranking Processes in Complex Systems. Physical Review Letters 109,128701 (2012).
DOI: access:

M. Schich, M. Coscia: Exploring Co-Occurrence on a Meso and Global Level Using Network Analysis and Rule Mining.
9th Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs (MLG‘11) at ACM KDD, San Diego/CA, 2011.
Open access URL:

M. Schich: L’immagine delle Terme di Traiano nel Codice Destailleur e in altre vedute d’epoca.
Bullettino della Commissione Archeologica Comunale di Roma 111 (2010) 339-352/375-382
ISSN: 0392-7636 Open access:

M. Schich, C. Hidalgo, S. Lehmann, J. Park: The Network of Subject Co-Popularity in Classical Archaeology.
Bollettino di Archeologia on line 1 (2010) 49-57
ISSN: 2039-0076 Open access:

M. Schich, S. Lehmann, J. Park: Dissecting the Canon: Visual Subject Co-Popularity Networks in Art Research.
5th European Conference on Complex Systems, Jerusalem, 2008.
Open access:

M. Schich: The functions of the Roman imperial baths in the 16th century.
Roma moderna e contemporanea 17.2009,1-2 (2010) 185-187 ISSN: 1122-0244

Book chapters ^

M. Schich: The Hermeneutic Hypercycle. in: J. Brockmann: What Do You Consider the Most Interesting Recent [Scientific] News? What Makes it Important? (New York: Harper Perennial, 2016) [to appear]
Online version: (The Edge Question – 2016)

M. Schich: Thought-Stealing Machines. in: J. Brockmann, ed.: What to Think About Machines That Think: Today’s Leading Thinkers on the Age of Machine Intelligence (New York: Harper Perennial, 2015) 449-450
ISBN: 978-0-062-42565-2 Online version: (The Edge Question – 2015)

I. Meirelles, M. Schich, and R. Malina: Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks. in: R. Alhajj, J. Rokne, eds.:
Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining. (New York: Springer, 2014) ISBN: 978-1-4614-6169-2

M. Schich: Netzwerke von komplexen Netzwerken in der (Kunst)Wissenschaft. in: B. Job, A. Mehler, T. Sutter, eds.:
Die Dynamik sozialer und sprachlicher Netzwerke. (Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2013) 161-178
ISBN: 978-3-531-93336-8 Free color version:

M. Schich: Revealing Matrices. in: J. Steele, N, Iilinsky, eds.:
Beautiful Visualization. Looking at Data through the Eyes of Experts. (Sebastopol/CA: O‘Reilly, 2010) 227-254
ISBN: 978-1-4493-7986-5 Open access: Website:

M. Schich, A.-L. Barabási: Human activity – from the Renaissance to the 21st century. in: J. Perelló, P. Alsina, eds.:
Cultures of Change. (Exhibition Catalogue, Barcelona: Arts Santa Monica, 2009-2010) 86-89
ISBN: 978-8-4928-6114-9 Open access:

M. Schich, S. Krämer: How Simple Life Deconstructs Utopia. in: Stephan Doesinger, ed.:
Space Between People. How the Virtual Changes Physical Architecture. (Munich: Prestel, 2008) 30-45
ISBN: 3-791339-91-5 Open access:

M. Schich: Caracalla-Thermen. in: C. Strunck, ed.:
Rom. Meisterwerke der Baukunst von der Antike bis heute. (Petersberg: Michael Imhof Verlag, 2007) 58-61
ISBN: 3-865681-86-7

M. Schich: Terme e basilica di Massenzio. in: F.P. Fiore, ed.:
La Roma di Leon Battista Alberti. Umanisti, architetti e artisti alla scoperta dell‘antico nella città del Quattrocento.
(Exhibition Catalogue: Musei Capitolini, Rome, 2005) 274-281 ISBN: 8-876243-94-1

Editing ^

M. Schich, I. Meirelles, R. Malina, eds.: Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks. [Kindle Edition]
(Cambridge, MA: MIT-Press, May 2014, 4th extended edition). [5th extended edition to appear]

M. Schich, I. Meirelles, and E. Edmonds, eds.: Special Section: Arts, Humanities and Complex Networks
Leonardo 47,3 (June 2014) 265-278 URL:
Leonardo 46,3 (June 2013) 267-279 URL:
Leonardo 45,3, (June 2012) 275-286 URL:
Leonardo 45,1 (February 2012) 77-89 URL:
Leonardo 44,3 (June 2011) 239-267 URL:

Information design publications ^

(animation) M. Schich & M. Martino, K. Smith (narration), T. Perich (music): Charting Culture.
Nature video (July 31, 2014) [5:36 min]
URL: DOI: 10.1038/nature.2014.15650 +1.1 million views, +1,000 comments, 4.79 star equivalent
Top ten in NSF/PopSci Vizzies Visualization Challenge 2015 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2015 (honorable mention)
“Best Data Visualization Projects of 2014” ( (id 782) among The Best American Infographics 2015

(animation) M. Schich & M. Martino: European historic mobility 0 to 2012 CE. [67 seconds]
Youtube (July 31, 2014) URL: +100,000 views, 4.9 star equivalent

(animation) M. Schich & M. Martino: North American historic mobility 1620 to 2012 CE. [13 seconds]
Youtube (July 31, 2014) URL: +60,000 views, 4.9 star equivalent

(zoomable online map) Network diagram of agents connecting the British, Belgian, Dutch, and French auction markets from 1801–20 using 230,000 records from the Getty Provenance Index® databases.
Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA (September 2011)
URL: on (id 816)
Presented by James Cuno at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2015:

(zoomable online map) Das soziale Netzwerk des römischen Barock. (350 Megapixel map)
Bibliotheca Hertziana (Max-Planck Institute for Art History), Rome, Italy (July 2011) Zoomable URL:

(user interface design) M. Schich, R. Biering, V. Brinkmann: Projekt Dyabola Web-Version. [a user interface for cultural graph data]
Verlag Biering & Brinkmann, Munich (1998 – 2006) Featured in Die Welt 2000

Exhibitions ^

(juried exhibition series) M. Schich & M. Martino: A Cultural History Macroscope. Places & Spaces: Mapping Science XI – Macroscopes for Interacting with Science, (accepted July 2015) URL:

(invited artists) M. Schich & M. Martino: Charting Culture Interactive. Data Drift exhibition,
Kim? Center for Contemporary Art, Riga, Latvia
(October 9 – November 22, 2015) URL:

(co-curator) Creepy Figures – Didier Sornette. in: K. Alford, J. Engelstad, L. Polk, M. Kasra, M. Schich, G. Metz (co-curators):
Code Yellow Caution-Crisis-Critique: A curatorial exercise exploring systems of real and perceived warnings (exhibition).
UT Dallas Visual Arts Building, Richardson, TX (March 28 – April 26, 2014) & CentralTrak, Dallas, TX (April 12 – May 17, 2014)

(invited artist) Subjects and Objects. Satellite (group show), Zhulong Gallery, Dallas, TX (April 4 – May 10, 2014)

(juried exhibition series) The Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance 1947-2005. Places & Spaces – Mapping Science VII, (premiered September 2011) URL:

(facsimile production) Das Feige(n)blatt. Glyptothek, Munich, Germany (July 18 – October 29, 2000)

(database terminal design) Hochrenaissance im Vatikan. Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany (December 11, 1998 – August 11, 1999)

(curatorial assistance) Im Brennpunkt der Moderne - Mies van der Rohes Haus Tugendhat.
Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich, Germany (October 2 – December 31, 1998)

(database terminal design) V. Brinkmann, M. Schich: Römische Antikensammlungen im 18. Jahrhundert.
Winckelmann-Gesellschaft at Kulturstiftung Dessau Wörlitz, Germany (May 16 – August 30, 1998)

(facsimile production) Der Torso - Ruhm und Rätsel. (exhibition) Glyptothek, Munich, Germany (January 21 – March 29, 1998)

Project reports ^

Andy Lücking, Siegfried Handschuh, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, Maximilian Schich, Ute Schmid, Wolfgang Stille, and
Manfred Thaller: Report of Working Group ‘Beyond Text’. in: Chris Biemann, Gregory R. Crane, Christiane D. Fellbaum, and Alexander Mehler, eds.: Computational Humanities - Briding the Gap between Computer Science and Digital Humanites (Dagstuhl Seminar 14301, Schloss Dagstuhl/Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Germany, 2014)
Dagstuhl Reports 4,7 (2014) 98-99 Open access:

M. Schich: Complex Networks in Art Research – Exemplary Proofs of Concept.
(Project report, Bonn: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, 2012).
Open access:

M. Schich, S. Ebert-Schifferer: Bildkonstruktionen bei Annibale Carracci und Caravaggio: Analyse Report von kunstwissenschaftlichen Datenbanken mit Hilfe skalierbarer Bildmatrizen. (Project report, Rome: Bibliotheca Hertziana – Max-Planck-Institute for Art History, 2009).
Open access:

M. Schich: Stiftung Archaeologie Issue Tracking [Internal report of 170 essential issues in Projekt Dyabola]
(Munich: Verlag Biering & Brinkmann, September 2006)

M. Schich: Census Datenpflegeaktion Juni/Juli 2001 [50 page report on essential issues and recommended solutions]
(Munich: Verlag Biering & Brinkmann, 2001) Delivered to HQ at HU-Berlin

M. Schich: Zur Identifizierung des nicht vorhandenen Bildmaterials [18 page report characterizing more than 10k issues]
(Munich: Verlag Biering & Brinkmann, 1999) Delivered to HQ at HU-Berlin

Comment ^

(comment) M. Schich: Migration macht uns aus. NITRO. Unabhängiges Magazin für Medien und Zeitgeschehen 4 (2015)

(podcast) M. Schich, D. Goldfarb: Computer, Kunst, und Wikidata. Creative Disturbance (2015)

(recommendation) M. Schich: [Draft roadmap for archives in Germany]. Protokoll des wissenschaftlichen Rundgesprächs zur
Archivgutdigitalisierung, Anlage 2 (Marburg, Archivschule Marburg, May 26, 2014) 12-13

(podcast) M. Schich, I. Meirelles, R. Malina: Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks MIT Press Journals Podcast Series (April 26, 2012) & Creative Disturbance (August 1, 2014)


(letter) M. Schich: History repeats itself. The Economist (print edition, July 16, 2011) 17
Open access:

(editorial) M. Schich, I. Meirelles, A.-L. Barabási: Arts | Humanities | Complex Networks. Leonardo 43,3 (June 2010) 212
Open access:

(comment) M. Schich: Re: Q: digital image databases. [Fundamental thoughts from a researcher‘s point of view]
in: H-Arthist Mailing-List (March 22, 2005). Open access:

(conference review) M. Schich: Datenbanken in den Geisteswissenschaften.
Arbeitsgespräch in der Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rom, 18. Juli 2003. in: H-SOZ-U-KULT (September 10, 2003).

(book review) M. Schich, rev.: A. Schreurs: Antikenbild und Kunstanschauungen des neapolitanischen Malers,
Architekten und Antiquars Pirro Ligorio (1513-1583).
Köln (2000) in: Kunstform 2,02 (2001)

Databases ^

M. Schich: THERMAE. Visual Documents on Imperial Baths in Rome. (Munich, 2007).

M. Schich, U. Wurnig, V. Brinkmann, et al.: The Electronic Inventory of the Glyptothek in Munich.
(DVD, Munich: Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek, 1996-2002).

(consulting) Projekt Dyabola. (1997–2007)
– A. Nesselrath (ed.): Census of Antique Art and Architecture Known to the Renaissance. 1947-2006, HU-Berlin / BBAW
– M. Kunze (ed.): Corpus der antiken Denkmäler, die J. J. Winckelmann und seine Zeit kannten, Winkelmann Gesellschaft Stendal
– Bibliographie zu den Schriften J. J. Winckelmanns 1755–1998, Winkelmann Gesellschaft Stendal
– Archäologische Bibliographie 1956–2015, formerly DAI Rome / now Biering & Brinkmann, Munich
– Sachkatalog und Bibliotheksverwaltung der Römisch-Germanischen Kommission, Frankfurt 1992–2012
– Zugangsverzeichnis des Deutschen Archäologisches Institutes Madrid 1991–2002
– Eurasienbibliographie des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, Berlin
– J. Bergemann: Datenbank der attischen Grabreliefs des 5. und 4. Jahrhunderts v. Chr., Biering & Brinkmann, Munich
– Inventar des Museums für Abgüsse Klassischer Bildwerke, Munich

(prototyping) W. Tegetoff, N. Schneider, R. Fischer, M. Schich: DOCMA - Documentation of Modern Architecture.
Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich (1998)

User manuals ^

– M. Schich: General Dyabola User Manual (German/English, 2001).
– V. Brinkmann, M. Schich: DAI Subject Catalogues of Publications on the Ancient World (German/English/Spanish, 2001).
– M. Schich, V. Brinkmann: Winckelmann-Corpus Project Manual (German/English, 2000).
– M. Schich, V. Brinkmann: CENSUS Project Manual (German/English, 1999).
– J.S. Wellington, M. Schich: Dyabola Short Reference Card for all databases (German/English, 1999).
(Online, Munich: Projekt Dyabola / Verlag Biering & Brinkmann) Open access:

Patent application ^

Method producing scalable image matrices. PCT/EP2007/006900 (published, pending),
assignee: Max-Planck-Society, priority: August 7, 2006. URL: