Dr. Maximilian Schich

The University of Texas at Dallas

Invited presentations

From Warburg to Deep Learning.
– (keynote) Computational Social Science Summer School ‘Methods for Analyzing Multimedia Data’, Schloss Schmöckwitz, Berlin, Germany (July 27, 2019), video:

Cultural Analysis Situs.
– (invited talk) Chair of Computational Social Science ETH-COSS, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (June 4, 2019);
– (invited talk) Kunsthistorikertag, Göttingen, Germany (March 27, 2019).

[Data-driven Art History]
– (invited talk) UT System chancelors meeting at UT Dallas, Richardson, TX (January 28, 2019).

Art History as a Systematic Science.
– (invited talk) Dept. of English / Digital Humanities Workshop, Washington University in St. Louis, MO (April 9+10, 2019);
– (invited talk) Institute for Scientific Interchange ISI, Torino, Italy (December 10, 2018);
– (invited talk) MTS Speaker Series, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (November 19, 2018).

Embracing Confusion.
– (invited talk) Arpeggio: “Quantity+Quality”, Duke University, Durham, NC (November 02, 2018).

Schich, Maximilian & Juyong Park.
Quantitative Aesthetics: Critical and Creative.
– (invited talk) Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich, Germany (July 11, 2018).

Towards a Morphology of Durations.
– (invited talk) DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark (April 17, 2018);
– (invited talk) UM-SFI 2018 “Modeling Human Behavior & Social Dynamics”, Santa Fe Institute & University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (March 29, 2018).

Preservation, Attention, Documentation – Some Remarks on Structure and Dynamics.
– (invited talk) Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability, Kyoto University, Japan (December 08, 2017).

Meachem, Darian & Maximilian Schich (panelists).
– (panel discussion) Knowledge Through Arts and Science, Max-Planck Campus Potsdam-Golm, Germany (November 28, 2017).

[Using Visualization to do Cultural Science].
– (invited talk) LMU-ERC Digital Mapping Workshop, University of Munich, Germany (November 09, 2017).

Towards a Systematic Science of Art & Culture.
– (invited talk) LMU-CHAN, University of Munich, Germany (October 28, 2017).

Schich, Maximilian & Christian Huemer.
Workshop: Quantitative Art Market Research / Quantitative Kunstmarktforschung (English/German)
– (invited talk & ask me anything) State of the Art Archives Conference, Liebermannhaus, Berlin (September 23, 2017).

All the Data, Tenure, and the Hermeneutic Hypercycle.
– (invited talk) Workshop: What do we want from Digital Art History?, University of Zurich, Switzerland (August 22, 2017).

The Rise of Network Science.
– (guest faculty) EMDA 2017, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC (July 19, 2017).

Networks in Art and Culture.
– (SpringerNature invited talk) NetSci2017, Indianapolis, IN (June 22, 2017).

Selected for official sponsorship by SpringerNature

[Some relevant aspects I covered in my PhD a while ago]
– (lightning talk) Stanford Mirador meeting (May 4, 2017).

… and Then we Gave Up and Used Deep Learning.
– (invited talk) Digital Art History Round Table, Mellon Foundation, New York City, NY (May 12, 2017);
– (invited talk) The Making of the Humanities Conference V, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (October 7, 2016).

From Hands-on Art History to Cultural Science.
– (keynote) IV Encuentro Internacional de Historia del Arte y Cultura Artística Digital, Colección del Museo Ruso de San Petersburgo, Malaga, Spain (December 18, 2016).

Kunst- als Naturwissenschaft.
– (invited talk) Lektüreseminar, Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich, Germany (July 27, 2016).

Art History, Migration, and Quantitative Network Science.
– (invited talk) QCSSC Lecture Series, Quantitative and Computational Systems Science Center, Department of Mathematics, LMU Munich, Germany (July 8, 2016).

Figuring Out Art History – Towards a Systematic Science of Art and Culture.
– (keynote) 2016 International Symposium on Art Archives, AVAT / TCAA, Taipei New Horizon, Taipei, Taiwan (November 11, 2016);
– (invited talk) NetworkX, Stanford Text Technologies, 2nd Annual Collegium, Stanford University, CA (June 9, 2016);
– (invited talk) International Workshop on Science and Culture, KAIST Culture Technology / Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, South Korea (June 4, 2016);
– (keynote) Network Science workshop on Languages, Arts, Sciences, & Humanities (NetSci-LASH), Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS (April 1, 2016);
– (invited talk) Culture Analytics Beyond Text: Image, Music, Video, Interactivity and Performance, IPAM, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA (March 22, 2016), video:;
– (invited talk) Distinguished Lectures in Digital Humanities. EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (December 12, 2015);
– (invited talk) The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History, The University of Texas at Dallas (November 2, 2015).

Complexity of Space Documentation.
– (invited talk) Geospatial Information Sciences Program, The University of Texas at Dallas (November 6, 2015).

Verso una Scienca Naturale della Storia dell’Arte.
– (invited talk) La Grande Bellezza dei Grandi Dati, Archivio di Stato di Roma, S. Ivo alla Sapienza, Rome, Italy (November 26, 2015).

Digital ist nicht genug: Die Gesellschaft braucht eine Naturwissenschaft von Kunst und Kultur.
– (invited talk) DIVIS 2015 – Digitale Visionen in Kunst und Kultur, ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany (October 20, 2015).

Schich, Maximilian & Mauro Martino.
Charting Cultural Exchange.
– (invited talk) Lincoln Center Global Exchange, New York (September 18, 2015), video:

A Network Framework of Cultural History.
– (invited talk) GRK 1876: Frühe Konzepte von Mensch und Natur, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany (July 9, 2015);
– (invited talk) “Who’s afraid of Scientism? …” EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (June 17, 2015);
– (invited talk) Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany (June 16, 2015);
– (keynote) Berliner DH Preis, Brandenburger Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin (June 15, 2015);
– (invited talk) Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (April 21-23, 2015), video:
– (keynote) Herrenhäuser Symposium: Visual Linguistics, Schloss Herrenhausen, Hannover, Germany (November 20, 2014);
– (invited talk) The Commons, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS (November 17, 2014);
– (invited talk) SoIC Informatics Colloquium, University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN (November 7, 2014);
– (invited talk) Universidad de Guanajuato, Salamanca, Mexico (October 27, 2014);
– (invited talk) The AT&T Foundry, Richardson, TX (September 18, 2014);
– (invited talk) Zürich meets New York, New York Academy of the Sciences, New York (May 21, 2014).

Cultural Science
– (invited talk) ETH Computational Social Science Retreat, Santorini, Greece (June 24 – July 1, 2015).

The Getty Provenance Index. [What should we do next?]
– (panelist in two days of debate) The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA (June 8–9, 2015).

Idea Café: Can Organized Complexity Connect the Sciences & Humanities?
– (featured discussion guest) The Commons, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS (November 18, 2014).

Computational Humanities - Briding the Gap between Computer Science and Digital Humanites.
– (5 days of debate)) Dagstuhl Seminar 14301, Schloss Dagstuhl/Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Dagstuhl, Germany (July 20-25, 2014).

Nurturing Cultural Science.
– (invited talk) ARS Research Colloquia Series, UT Dallas, Richardson, TX (October 9, 2013).

Topography and Topology: Towards Common Ground in Archaeological Research.
– (invited talk) ‘Hestia2: Exploring Spatial Networks Through Ancient Sources’, University of Southampton, UK (July 18, 2013), video:

A Macroscope for Cultural History.
– (invited talk) ETH SOMS retreat, Schloß Goldrain, Coldrano, Italy (July 1, 2013).

Long Data, Beautiful Dynamics, Temporal Complexity.
– (invited participant, session initiator & moderator) Science Foo Camp 2013, Googleplex, Mountain View, CA (June 22, 2013).

Non-orthogonal Lego for Protein Folding.
– (invited participant, session initiator & moderator) Science Foo Camp 2013, Googleplex, Mountain View, CA (June 22, 2013).

Huemer, Christian & Maximilian Schich
What’s in the data? Visualizing the Getty Provenance Index®.
– (invited talk) London and the Emergence of a European Art Market (c.1780–1820), The National Gallery, London, UK (June 21, 2013).

Schich, Maximilian (moderator), Albert-László Barabási, François-Joseph Lapointe, Annamaria Carusi, Jamie Allen (panelists).
The Data Body on the Dissection Table.
Medical Museion, Copenhagen, Denmark (June 4, 2013).

“Aw c'mon, you should go, you know you want to.” (Bruce Sterling on

Nurturing Radical Multidisciplinarity to Understand the Ecology of Complex Networks.
– (invited talk) NetSciEd2: Satellite Symposium on Network Science in Education, DTU Copenhagen, Denmark (June 3, 2013).

Schich, Maximilian & Roger Malina
Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks.
– (invited talk) Cartographies de l‘invisible. Art, réseau, big data, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris (April 19, 2013).

Ecology of Networks.
– (invited talk) Visual Resource Association’s 31st Annual Conference, Providence, RI (April 4, 2013).

Ecology of Complex Networks in Art Research.
– (invited talk) Modelling Linguistic Networks Workshop, University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany (December 10/11, 2012);
– (invited talk) eHumanities Seminar, University of Leipzig, Germany (November 14, 2012);
– (invited talk) Vortragsreihe Digitale Kunstgeschichte, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany (October 30, 2012);
– (invited talk) ‘Meeting: Digitale Forschungsinfrastrukturen’, Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany (June 1, 2012);
– (invited talk) Digital Resources for Art History, Fondazione Ermitage, Ferrara, Italy (May 21, 2012, cancelled due to earthquake);
– (invited talk) Soziologisches Kolloquium, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (April 3, 2012);
– (invited talk) Center for International Development, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (March 26, 2012);
– (invited talk) Center for Complex Network Research, Northeastern University, Boston, MA (March 23, 2012);
– (invited talk) Art and Technology Center (ATEC), University of Texas at Dallas, TX (March 19, 2012);
– (invited talk) The New York Times Research Lab, New York City, NY (March 8, 2012);
– (invited talk) Google tech talk, Google, Cambridge, MA (March 6, 2012);
– (invited talk) Center for Digital Scholarship, Brown University, Providence, RI (December 13, 2011);
– (invited talk) Department of Art and Art History, Tufts University, Medford, MA (November 29, 2011).

Opening panel on theory and practice of data modeling.
– (panelist) DFG/NEH workshop on Data Modeling in the Humanities, Brown University, Providence, RI (March 14, 2012), video:

Beyond Data Collection and Retrieval: Explaining Complex Networks of Objects, People, Locations, and Time.
– (invited talk) ‘Perspectives on the Digital Humanities‘ series, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Northeastern University, Boston, MA (February 28, 2012).

The Genesis of Scimap 129.
– (keynote) ‘Places & Spaces: Mapping Science‘ opening reception, Snell Library, Northeastern University, Boston, MA (February 6, 2012).

Frequenz, gemeinsames Auftreten, und komplexe Überlappung archäologischer Gegenstände seit der Renaissance.
– (invited talk) ‘Wissenschaftlicher Fortschritt und Veränderungen der Buchkultur – die Illustration als Medium der Altertumswissenschaften‘, German Archaeologic Institute (DAI), Rome, Italy (November 17-18, 2011).

Das soziale Netzwerk des römischen Barock und die Ökologie komplexer Netzwerke in den Kunstwissenschaften.
– (invited talk) Bibliotheca Hertziana (Max-Planck-Institute for Art History), Rome, Italy (November 15, 2011).

Media Art Histories Archive Roundtable.
– (panelist) REWIRE – Fourth International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool, UK (September 28-30, 2011).

Towards Understanding the Ecology of Art History – Archives, Networks, and Complexity.
– (invited talk) The First Young Investigator Conference EITC-YIC 2011, Maxwell Dworkin Building, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (August 18–19, 2011).
– (invited talk) Visual Archives in the Digital Age. An international symposium. Jacobs University Bremen, Germany (June 14–15, 2011).

Schich, Maximilian & Martin Kemp
Towards Understanding the Ecology of Art History – Canons and Tails (Christ to Coke).
– (invited talk) Oxford eResearch Centre (OeRC), Oxford University, UK (May 31, 2011)

Schich, Maximilian & Michele Coscia.
Untangling the Complex Overlap of Subject Themes in Classical Archaeology.
– (invited talk) Organized by Gregory Crane at Tufts University, Medford, MA (April 26, 2011).

Networks in the Experience of Art – Some Associations.
– (invited talk) The Non-Linear Experience in Music, Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZIF), Universität Bielefeld, Germany (March 1-4, 2011).

Complex Networks in Art History and Archaeology.
– (invited talk) CompleNet – 2nd Workshop on Complex Networks, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (October 13-15, 2010).

Complexity of Space Documentation: Ambiguity, Heterogeneity an Dynamics.
– (keynote) Summer school ‘Visualizations of Space: Concepts – Methods – Media‘, organized by the Graduate School ‘Topology of Technology’, Darmstadt University of Technology, Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, Germany (September 27 – October 1, 2010).

Reconstructing Ancient Rome: 700 Years of IT and Knowledge Management.
– (invited talk) USENIX Annual Technical Conference, Boston, MA (June 23-25, 2010) video:

Netzwerke von Netzwerken in der Kunstwissenschaft.
– (invited talk) Interdependenz und Dynamik sozialer und sprachlicher Netzwerke, Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZIF), Universität Bielefeld, Germany (April 28-30, 2010).

Ecology of Urban Space Documentation. Foraging and Remixing the City.
– (invited talk) Critical Ecologies colloquium, Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), Cambridge, MA (April 2-3, 2010).

Complex Networks in Art History and Archaeology.
– (invited talk) Google Cambridge, MA (March 19, 2010).

Schich, Maximilian, Sune Lehmann, & Gourab Goshal.
High Throughput Humanities.
– (invited talk) O‘Reilly Global Ignite Boston 7, Microsoft New England Research Center (NERD), Cambridge, MA (March 4, 2010), video:

Schich, Maximilian, Martin Kemp, & Brian Uzzi.
Trying to Understand the Coral Reef of Culture. A SciFoo09 session with an introductory talk and a podium style discussion.
– (invited talk) Science Foo Camp 2009, Googleplex, Mountain View, CA (July 10-12, 2009).

Artifact Networks.
– (invited talk) NetHum09, Chiesa di S. Vidal, Venice, Italy (July 2, 2009).

On the Anatomy of Canon and Co-Popularity – Complex Network Structures in Art Research.
– (invited talk organized by physicists Guido Caldarelli and Vittorio Loreto) Università degli Studi La Sapienza, Rome, Italy (October 29, 2008).

Zur Anatomie von Kanon und Co-Popularität – Antike Skulpturen in der Renaissance sowie Bildkonstruktionen bei Annibale Carracci und Caravaggio.
– (invited talk) Bibliotheca Hertziana (Max-Planck-Institute for Art History), Rome, Italy (October 27, 2008).

Adding Art Research Data to the Giant Global Graph.
– (invited talk) Cambridge Semantic Web Gathering (organized by Tim Berners-Lee), MIT Stata Center, Cambridge, MA (April 8, 2008).

Implementing the CIDOC CRM in Metaweb‘s
– (invited talk) 15th FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization Meeting, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg, Germany (December 4-7, 2007).

Sample und Remix in Kopie und Rekonstruktion.
– (invited talk) International congress ‘The Originality of Copies. Copies as Produces and Media of the Transformations of Antiquity‘, SFB 644 Transformationen der Antike, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany (November 2-3, 2007).

Sample and Remix in Building Reconstruction.
– (invited talk) Study day ‘Terme di Caracalla - le ultime ricerche‘, Istituto Storico Austriaco & Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma, Rome, Italy (March 1-2, 2007).

L‘immagine delle Terme di Traiano nel Codice Destailleur e in vedute d‘epoca.
– (invited talk) ‘Giornata di studi: Scavi nelle Terme di Traiano sul Colle Oppio‘, German Archaeologic Institute (DAI), Rome, Italy (October 20, 2005).

The Functions of the Roman Baths in the 16th Century.
– (invited talk) ‘Congresso AISU‘, Università Roma Tre, Rome, Italy (June 26, 2004).

Tradierung visueller Information am Beispiel der Kaiserthermen in Rom.
– (invited talk) CENSUS lecture, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany (June 22, 2004).

Roman Imperial Baths and the Codex Destailleur. A Big Picture.
– (invited talk) ‘International Study Day on the Codex Destailleur‘, Bibliotheca Hertziana (Max-Planck-Institute for Art History), Rome, Italy (April 26, 2004).

Zur visuellen Tradierung der Kaiserthermen.
– (invited talk) Bibliotheca Hertziana (Max-Planck-Institute for Art History), Rome, Italy (November 27, 2003).

Die Internetoberfläche von Projekt Dyabola.
– (invited talk) New Media Workshop lecture, Bibliotheca Hertziana (Max-Planck-Institute for Art History) Rome, Italy (July 8, 2002).

Schich, Maximilian (moderator) & Ecke Bonk (guest)
Panel Discussion with Ecke Bonk.
– (panel discussion in Sarat Maharaj‘s seminar) ‘Thinking Documenta & Doing Documenta‘, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany_ (November 15, 2001).

Schich, Maximilian, Peter Seiler, & Tatjana Bartsch.
The CENSUS of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance.
– (invited talk) ‘Prometheus - Das verteilte digitale Bildarchiv für Forschung und Lehre’, University of Cologne, Germany (September 13, 2001).

The New DYABOLA Web Interface.
– (invited talk) Workshop presentation at ‘They Never Covered This in Library School: Basic Resources in Ancient Art and Archeology‘, Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA), 28th annual conference, Pittsburgh, PA (March 18, 2000).

Refereed presentations

Note: Posters submissions are consciously preferred to present visualizations as they typically reach a broader audience compared to parallel conference sessions.

Cultural Analysis Situs.
– (lightning talk in plenum) NetSci2019, Burlington, VT (May 30, 2019).

Regional Cohesion and the Centrality of the Arts
– (talk) International Conference: Visual Semantics. Visualizing Global Networks, Circulations, and Patterns. Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (June13, 2019).

Tran, Loan, Poshen Lee, Jevin West, & Maximilian Schich.
Chromatic Structure and Family Resemblance in Large Art Collections.
– (talk) 1st KDD Workshop on Data Science for Digital Art History DSDAH at KDD2018, London, UK (August 20, 2018); – (talk) Digital Humanities DH2018, Mexico City, Mexico (June 26-29, 2017) [accepted].

Bolshakov, Artem, Debra DeWitte, Diana Greenwald, & Maximilian Schich.
Genre Evolution in the Paris Salon.
– (talk) Cultural Evolution Society Conference CESC2017, Jena, Germany (September 19, 2017).

Bolshakov, Artem, Debra DeWitte, Diana Greenwald, & Maximilian Schich.
Time-Dependent Branching of Genres in the Paris Salon.
– (talk) NetSci2017, Indianapolis, IN (June 23, 2017).

Schich, Maximilian & Mauro Martino.
Charting Cultural Exchange (now in color).
– (animation) NetSci2016, The K-Hotel, Seoul, South Korea (June 5-7, 2016).

Network Dimensions in the Dallas Museum of Art.
– (poster) NetSci2016, The K-Hotel, Seoul, South Korea (June 5-7, 2016).

Goldfarb, Doron & Maximilian Schich.
Visualizing Person Networks in Wikipedia.
– (poster) NetSci2015, World Trade Center, Zaragoza, Spain (June 3-5, 2015).

Boumpali, Niki & Maximilian Schich.
The Animation Movie Release Network – 110 Years of Cultural Attention.
– (poster) NetSci2015, World Trade Center, Zaragoza, Spain (June 3-5, 2015).

Schich, Maximilian & Artem Bolshakov.
Quantifying to Qualify the CultSci Cascade.
– (poster) NetSci2015, World Trade Center, Zaragoza, Spain (June 3-5, 2015).

Towards a Paleontology of Memes.
– (talk) NetSci-X2015, Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (January 15, 2015).

Schich, Maximilian & Christian Huemer.
Network Dimensions in the Getty Provenance Index®.
– (talk) NetSci2014, University of California, Berkeley, CA (June 4-6, 2014).

Ting, Kuo-Chieh & Maximilian Schich.
Nestedness Varies with Granularity.
– (poster) NetSci2014, University of California, Berkeley, CA (June 4-6, 2014).

Doheum Park, Aarram Bae, Maximilian Schich, & Juyong Park.
Topology and Evolution of the Network of Western Classical Composers.
– (poster) NetSci2014, University of California, Berkeley, CA (June 4-6, 2014).

Ting, Kuo-Chieh Ting & Maximilian Schich.
Towards Optimal Granularity of Cultural Classification Networks.
– (talk) 1st Inaugural Texas Digital Humanities Conference (TXDHC), University of Houston, Houston, TX (April 10, 2014).

Cultural Interaction.
– (talk) ‘Shared Horizons: Data, Biomedicine, and the Digital Humanities’ (organized by MITH, ODH, NEH, NLM/NIH, and Research Councils UK), University of Maryland, College Park, MD (April 12, 2013).

Visualizing the Ecology of Complex Networks in Art History.
– (talk) College Art Association 100th Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA (February 24, 2012).

Schich, Maximilian & Michele Coscia.
An Emerging Big Picture of Classical Archaeology as a Complex System.
– (poster) 8th European Conference on Complex Systems ECCS‘11, Campus Altes AKH, Vienna (September 12-16, 2011).

Schich, Maximilian & Michele Coscia.
Untangling the Complex Overlap of Subject Themes in Classical Archaeology.
– (talk) 39th Annual International Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archeology (CAA), Beijing, China (April 12-16, 2011).

Image Matrices: Learning from Klosterneuburg.
– (talk) MIT Hyperstudio ‚humanities+digital visual interpretations conference‘, Bartos Theater, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA (May 21, 2010), official video: & hi-res:

Evaluating Cultural Heritage Databases Using Degree Matrices.
– (talk) NetSci09, Istituto Veneto Science Lettere ed Arti, Venice, Italy (June 29 - July 3, 2009).

Complex Networks in Archaeology.
– (talk) 37th Annual International Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archeology (CAA), Williamsburg, VA (March 26, 2009).

Schich, Maximilian, Cesár Hidalgo, Sune Lehmann, & Juyong Park.
The Network of Subject Co-Popularity in Classical Archaeology.
– (poster) 17th International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Palazzo della FAO, Rome (September 22-26, 2008).

Schich, Maximilian, Sune Lehmann, & Juyong Park.
Dissecting the Canon: Visual Subject Co-Popularity Networks in Art Research.
– (talk) 5th European Conference on Complex Systems, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel (September 12-19, 2008);
– (poster) International Workshop on Challenges and Visions in the Social Sciences, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (August 18-23, 2008), award-talk:

Best Poster Award at ETH Zurich

Schich, Maximilian & Sune Lehmann.
Generating 2-Dimensional Overviews from a Bi-Partite Classification of Images.
– (talk) NetSci2008, Norwich Bioscience Institutes, Norwich, UK (June 23-27, 2008).

Palladio’s Imperial Roman Baths as a Central Node in the Complex Network of Visual Citation.
– (talk) Society of Architectural Historians 61st Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH (April 23-27, 2008).

Awarded with the SAH Annual Meeting Fellowship of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation

Integrating ‘very old’ sources with modern research.
– (talk) 12th International Congress [on] Cultural Heritage and New Technologies, Vienna, Austria (November 5-7, 2007).

The Network of (Antique) Reception: Evolution, Self-Similarity and Transmission.
– (talk) ‘Dynamics On and Of Complex Networks’ satellite workshop,14th European Conference on Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany (October 1-5, 2007).

Beyond the Paragone: Addressability and Access.
– (talk) ‘Archaeology and the Modern World Session 13: Is Invention the Mother of Necessity?’ at the 13th European Association of Archeologists (EAA) Annual Meeting, Zadar, Croatia (September 18-23, 2007).

Reception and Transmission of Visual Information as Complex Networks.
– (talk) ‘International Workshop on Complex Systems and Networks‘, Transylvanian Summer School Series, Teleki Educational Center, Sovata, Romania (July 15-20, 2007).

Other Presentations

(introduction) “Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks.
6th Leonardo satellite symposium, NetSci2015, World Trade Center, Zaragoza, Spain (June 2, 2015);
5th Leonardo satellite symposium, NetSci2014, University of California, Berkeley, CA (June 3, 2014);
4th Leonardo satellite symposium, NetSci2013, DTU Copenhagen, Denmark (June 4, 2013);
3rd Leonardo satellite symposium, NetSci2012, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (June 19, 2012);
2nd Leonardo satellite symposium, NetSci2011, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary (June 7, 2011);
1st Leonardo satellite symposium, NetSci2010, Northeastern University, Boston/MA (May 10, 2010).

(introduction) “High Throughput Humanities.
HTH2010 satellite symposium at the 7th European Conference on Complex Systems ECCS’10, Lisbon University Institute ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal (September 15, 2010).